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As head of Research and Development our lead associate Malachi Hargrave brings 30 years of certified expertise to our team. No matter who builds your Branded Business Model, his touch will be the seal of approval on your project. 

Rest assured that this Veteran and Black Owned business has the stuff to help your business scale to the next level.

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Southern New Mexico Law

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Indeed Certified Project Client

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Integrating your business across all of your devices scaling to 90 % mobiie management of your business for first line managers and staff. Owners and Exucutives enjoy the comfort of seeing your business in action right on your mobile device. 

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UpWork Certified SME Agency

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Inspirational Ministries

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Meet our Sr. Director

Hi my name is Malachi. I have helped business make a mint for years. Now I want to bring big business scaling to the underdog. Even if you have a website and or ecommerce set up and just want to know how it is performing, contact me at

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